OM Payroll System

Best available payroll software for SmE’s in Singapore

Get your own payroll software now – Simple and Precise, with all necessary features of email, save, and most important that it is 100% compliant.

OM Payroll Features

  • Quick and Simple to Use - Om-payroll software is easy to install and use on same day of installation.

  • 100% compliant - We ensure that our clients receive updates immediately after declared. CPF, IRAS and MOE related updates are covered for our precious clients.

  • Reports and search functions - Statistics and alerts are shown at the Admin dashboard. Search functions are also available.

  • Customer Service Support - We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and their happiness for our products. We are just a call away if you need any kind of help in handling the software.

OM Payroll Modules

Admin Module

 Statistics and Reports

  • Total Employee records for current month.
  • Monthly Payslips statistical records for past, present and subsequent months.
  • Monthly CPF contributions by employee and employer.
  • Monthly statistics of various pay components by employees.
  • Option to customize reports on client’s request.

 Administrative actions

  • Create payslips for any month, all or partial.
  • Create PDF and save payslips
  • Email payslips to employees.
  • Freeze payslips to avoid unintentional changes.
  • Edit payslips for contents.
  • Create and modify Holiday list as per company regulations.
  • Set monthly overtime limit.
  • Delete payslips and create again.
  • Update Employee Information.
  • Update Bank Information.
  • Find employee’s name whose payslips missed to create.
  • Relieve employees in system but retain their payslip data for future reference.

Search Module

  • Search payslips by month or name of employee.
  • View, edit or delete payslips by individual employee.
  • PDF and/or email payslips by individual employee.

Entry Data Module

  • Enter Overtime information and other pay components by individual employee.
  • Partial monthly payments calculations feasible with ease.

Our Features

  • Quick and Simple to Use
  • 100% Compliant
  • Follow CPF, IRAS, MOE Rules
  • Login Protected
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Reports and search functions
  • Statistics and alerts
  • Reports Customization
  • PDF and/or email payslips
  • Customer Service Support

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