Customized Solutions

Scheduler for Equipment Maintenance Management

Plan work assignments for service and maintenance engineers. Record all types of service work and job planning with full reporting and analysis.

Benefits for Online Scheduler

  • Easy to use
  • Simultaneous Accessibility for Multi-user
  • Eliminate double bookings
  • Automatic linking of relevant service forms and documentation
  • Mobile app ready with optional GPS tracking
  • Auto email jobs to engineer
  • Easy to extend with many pluggable components
  • Auto reminders
  • Link resources, like engineers, and equipment for example

Outpatient clinic management system

  • Doctor’s Appointment Scheduler - Schedule your patients’ visits easily without any lost customer because of waiting time. Queue Management and online SMS alert.

  • Drug Management - Manage drug inventory, track expired drugs, and replenish stock.

  • Prescription Management - It’s easy to use, no need to type entire drug name but select from help list

  • Point Of Sale - Billing is directly linked to prescription management; no duplicate entry required. Manage, track, and organize your corporate and insurance billing.

  • Digital records of investigation / Lab reports - You own your own database Manage and store all types of documents in one centralized location. Central location of Software and database will make it more scalable. All that a User requires is a computer with internet connection to access software and database. No maximum number of users limiting simultaneous accessing software.

  • Issue Medical Certificate

Hospital Bed Management System

Most hospitals are continuously faced with the challenge of managing bed resources. This includes searching for available beds, assigning patients to the beds of their specialty care, ensuring fast cleaning for vacated beds, and projecting/forecasting bed availability. Without an integrated system, hospital staff had to rely on manual processes such as paper, whiteboards and extensive phone calls. This will result in longer waiting times of patients or even cancellation of potential patients to the hospital. BMS is very useful in tackling this situation. Every hospital is unique in operation but the BMS can be customized easily to suit your special requirements. Multi user environment without any restriction on simultaneous user is an added advantage of BMS.


  • Search for available beds and reserve for patient. Hospital can reduce phone calls by silently communicating between admission unit and ward nurse. Improve operating efficiency of various departments and reduce patient waiting time.

  • Lower number of cancelations due to insufficient beds

  • Overview of bed occupancy at any point - track occupancy in hospital in a click.

  • Provision for tracking maintenance and cleaning activities - track supporting facilities.

  • Customizable - according to individual hospital requirement / restrictions for bed reservation like isolation, gender etc.

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